The Feigin Lab

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Michael E Feigin, Phd

Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics


Twitter: @thefeiginlab



arwen tisdale, MS

Research Technologist

Arwen received her BS in Biochemistry from SUNY Geneseo and her Masters degree in Interdisciplinary Natural Sciences from Roswell Park Cancer Institute, under the supervision of Dr. Sharon Evans. Her thesis investigated the potential sex bias in lymphocyte trafficking in response to fever-range thermal stress.



Postdoctoral Fellow

Swati received her BS/MS from Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Pune in India and completed her PhD at Carnegie Mellon University in Biological Sciences. Her PhD thesis focused on quality control at the Golgi and its implications in Shiga toxin induced cell death. Currently, she is working on elucidating the role of alternative polyadenylation as a driver of cancer.

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ABBY cornwell

PhD Student

Abby received her BS in biochemistry with an English minor from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Under the supervision of Dr. Arne Gericke, her bachelor's thesis investigated the propensity for self-association of the N-terminal domain of annexin A2 in the presence of anionic lipids. She is currently a third year PhD Student in the Pharmacology and Therapeutics Program at Roswell Park Cancer Center through the University at Buffalo. 


Abdul alahmari

PhD Student

Abdul received his BS from King Khalid University, KSA in Medical Laboratory Sciences and his MS from Quinnipiac University, USA in Biomedical Sciences. He then worked as a postgraduate fellow at Yale University under the supervision of Dr. Fred Gorelick and investigated the role of cigarette smoke and its toxins in sensitization and initiation of pancreatitis. Abdul is currently a second year PhD student in the Cancer Genetics, Genomics and Development Program at Roswell Park Cancer Center.


amanda bache

Undergraduate Scientist

Amanda is a senior at the University at Buffalo pursuing a bachelor's in science in Biological Sciences.  She plans on attending medical school for a career in oncology. Amanda is a member of pre-meds without borders and the secretary of the UB Swing Dance Club.

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kathryn maraszek

Undergraduate Scientist

Katie is a junior at the University at Buffalo pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry with a minor in Pharmacology and Toxicology. She plans on earning her PhD and pursuing a career in medical research.


serena strollo-dicenso

Undergraduate Scientist

Serena is a junior at the University at Buffalo. She is pursuing a Pre-Medical track and a Bachelor of Arts in Italian Studies. Serena is a member of the Advanced Honors College and is a Biology and Italian tutor. She is the Secretary and a founding member of the Italian Student Association at UB. Serena plans to attend medical school.


Former Lab Members (Undergraduate):

  1. Diana Kwiatkowski (2017-2018)

  2. Anant Shah (2017-2018)

  3. Victoria Rizzuto (2017-2018)

  4. DesTiny Overton (Summer 2018)

  5. Karla Gabriela Cano Hernandez (Summer 2018)

  6. Tatiane da Silva Fernandes (2018-2019)

  7. Denisha Robinson (2018-2019)

  8. Whitney Spencer (2018-2019)

  9. Jaelyn Vigee (Summer 2019)

  10. Johann Schwarz (Summer 2019)